From 22 July, Delivery (11.30am-9.00pm) Pick-up service (11am-9.00pm) is available.

Please order at least 2 hours in advance for smooth delivery service. It’s very difficult to catch a delivery vehicle.
For delivery, the minimum order is $130 before the packing fee and there is no delivery charge.
Free Delivery service is available from $130 (+service charge $143 total).

For pick up, Customers who order more than $130 (+service charge $143 total) will get a free rice wine ($25) OR a $20 discount if they pick up. I got a lot of inquiries during the last circuit break, but why do I get a 10% service charge (packing fee)? I get it because I give you both packing fees and side dishes. 1-5 sets of side dishes are provided depending on the order quantity.

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